Are you ready to build a solid Instagram Story strategy, become confident in front of the camera and sell via DM?
StorySelling by Malu de Wit

Turn your StorySelling into a high performing mechanism

In the StorySelling Program we get you confident in front of the camera so that you can start shining on Instagram. It's a deep dive into inner leadership and creating a blueprint for your (personal) brand. You'll learn how to easily sell your product or service via DM and create a passive income so that you can start working from everywhere.

This course if for you if..

What if I tell you that you can become confident as your raw & authentic self in front of the camera, create your own Storytelling Blueprint and sell your services by attracting the right customers with your positive vibes?

  • You see everybody around you being extremely visible on Instagram Stories and you feel like you're missing out.

  • You know audio and video can be rockets for your startup or business.

  • Talking in front of the camera makes you shy, blocks your brain and you're afraid you're not beautiful enough.

  • You do tell stories, but there is no strategy or focus so you lack consistency.

  • Your storytelling takes too much time at this moment.

  • You're at this point that you want to start selling via Instagram DM.

The result

  • You feel more comfortable

    and you easily recognise when your ego is stopping you from doing what you love. You focus on your message, your value and the fun instead of the 'picture perfect'

  • You have built a community of likeminded people

    by focusing on your happiness and being authentic, you attract new people to your account and your engagement increases

  • You are a fun storytelling sales expert

    You can sell your products and services easily with your personal blueprint strategy that 100% suits you. You know how to write or tell a story that is interesting for your listeners or readers.

Who are we?

Or who am I?

You probably already know me - we might have talked in the DM's. For the ones landing on the page for the first time: my name is Malu. In 2018 I started MINIMAL•U because I was building my dream life and I wanted to work on my own business so I could travel the world. In November 2020 this world trip started and I'm loving every second of it. Instagram became my job, my main income stream and I knew I could teach others to do the same. Originally I'm a teacher so I love to share knowledge with my audience. Therefore I decided to create a full program for Social Entrepreneurs & Eco Heroes to learn exactly that what I've learned about Instagram and all the benefits it has. I'm looking forward to welcoming you to this amazing group of Stroytellers.

What our StorySelling students have to say

Ellie & Co

I recommend the StorySelling Program to anyone! I started with zero expectations, but I never thought it would teach me so much! It already starts with the first module. You learn about your 'ego' and how to take care of and love yourself first. That's something I never saw anywhere else before. The video's with the explanations and the workbook for practicing is a great combo! It keeps it interesting and makes it easy to learn. My sales already increased and I'm getting more confident and motivated. Even when I have questions that have nothing to do with the module, Malu is happy to help. Thank you Malu for your help and teaching me! I will recommend your program to everyone.


A while ago I started Malu's StorySelling course. I am a marketing consultant and help lot's of companies with their social media. So, improving my skills on Instagram was not only fun but also necessary. We started with personal aspects like ego work, dreaming big and thinking about why we use Instagram. For me, this was a great way to get to know myself better. After that, we started thinking about the ideal client, topics to post as a Story and how to tell a story at all. I found it all very interesting and educational. In the end we learned some tips & trics about Instagram itself (how to sell via DM and how do Reals work?). Everything is explained very clearly and with lot's of positive energy. Malu is the best! Thank you so much for everything.



Going out of my comfort-zone, not just once 😉 that is why I can recommend the StorySelling Program by HEART. The Modules are easy to follow and clearly structured. For me, the minimalistic style is special and unique, I never felt “overloaded”. I love the fact that each Module starts with a Mediation, this makes the whole program even more valuable. Also, that Malu is there for you, for anything – does not matter if it is not even Business related. She is really taking the time, her way of asking questions gets you thinking and reflecting, like this you can find your focus without being pressured. I got way more comfortable in front of the camera, started to not only show myself also show my GREEN*SOUL*BUSINESS & the good side note is: my sales have increased. All in all – you have nothing to lose, can only WIN – it is a true & authentic investment in yourself. Love, Alexandra


  • Is this course for me?

    This course is for anyone who wants to turn their instagram into a profitable business with the help of storytelling! If you feel like you're not getting everything out of the platform or you've always dreamed of starting your own personal brand, then this course is for you. We will show you exactly how to create your own blueprint so you can start showing up authentically, happy and full of confidence.

  • What wil I get from this course?

    You will receive 5 modules with each 2-4 webinars and a workbooks to work in. You get our MINIMAL•U presets, story templates, a whole list of content ideas, a free 1-1 brainstorm session with Malu and last but not least: access to the amazing Facebook Group with other Social Entrepreneurs and Eco Heroes. In this group you get updates on everything related to Instagram, every week a brainstorm session with everybody and we will answer everything personally. You will have access forever to the program and to the Facebook group.

  • In what language is the course?

    The course is in English. If you're from the Netherlands or from a Spanish country, feel free to contact us in case you don't understand anything. We can easily translate it for you.

  • Do you offer refunds?

    We are sure you will love this course and that you will be able to skyrocket your instagram game, but of course we offer a refund within the first 30 days after enrollment if you don't feel satisfied. In order to qualify for a refund it is important that you have proof that you did the work in the course and that it didn't work for you. In case you have any questions, feel free to contact us anytime.

  • For how long will I have access to the program?

    As well for the program as for the Facebook page, we give you a lifetime access. No need to rush anything. You're so welcome to join and do everything in your own time.